Freepin’ Hard: On covering Boston Calling

Hey, lovelies!

For the second year in a row, I’m representing The Daily Free Press at Boston Calling, and I’m going to start posting my reviews and tweets here. I’ll keep this page updated throughout the weekend, with links to each of my reviews.

I should let you know that I’m sharing a byline with my beautiful editor, and for that reason, I’ll be specifying which reviews are mine on this page.

Last night, I had the absolute privilege to cover a band I have loved for most of my music-listening career that I never thought I’d see live. After fifteen years of silence, Neutral Milk Hotel is back, ladies and gentlemen. I was heartbroken to miss their comeback tour last year, so getting to see them at BC was unbelievably special. The review went up last night — I worked hard on this one, so please check it out!


Back to my roots: (Somewhat) recent food writing

Hello, all!

I have been an absolutely horrible blogger as of late, and my poor, neglected WordPress hasn’t been updated in months. I’d like to blame my lack of maintenance on the fact I’ve been home for the last month, where my family – I kid you not – has no working internet. None. The twitter fiend in me has been yearning for a wifi connection. I considered spending the night in my mother’s office just to be able to binge on some Twin Peaks on Netflix.

Regardless, I have continued writing, and I have a few recent stories that I have now added to my complete list of written works.

– Did anyone else go crazy over butterbeer lattes? I went crazy over butterbeer lattes. I’m one of those people who goes nuts for secret recipes, hacks and all that jazz. Sure, when I first asked for a butterbeer latte, the barista at the local Starbucks gave me a hurtful look. But the resulting recipes in my Daily Free Now blog post are worth it, in my opinion.

St. Stephen’s Church in Boston’s historic North End. (Photo by yours truly)

– I wrote a post on St. Stephen’s Church for the Boston University News Service ‘s interactive Kennedy map in November, for the 50th anniversary of the JFK assassination. I had a lot of fun with this piece, mainly because it gave me an excuse to get a loaf of Bricco’s ciabatta and sit in the Paul Revere Mall under falling leaves. It was a perfect Boston moment.

– After gorging myself on Italian bread and chatting with eightysomething North End residents over homemade cheese, I decided to write a quick food guide for my favorite neighborhood (So it’s touristy. So what? It’s the only place where I can get a mocha made with actual chocolate and listen to aging men scream at a television in Italian). I miss that style of writing – it made me think of my NoshOn.It days. I hope I can do some more food blogging this summer.

Hey there, beautiful.

– As we entered December and the daunting prospect of me leaving my beloved Musies became a reality (I’m moving up in the world – I’m officially the Features Editor for the Daily Free Press these days!), I decided to write a final little something about my favorite food of 2013. Nothing groundbreaking, but it was the food of my move to Boston. For me, it tastes like relief from blizzards and homesickness. I also include a few places you can find these bite-sized blessings, so my fellow Bostonians can take refuge from the absolutely crazy snow going on over there and eat something delicious.

Freepin’ Hard: Kori Rae, James King and one weird show

Kevin Barnes, Of Montreal's lead singer, performs at the Middle East Oct. 26.
Kevin Barnes, Of Montreal’s lead singer, performs at the Middle East Oct. 26.

Check out my most recent Freep stories!

I interviewed Kori Rae, a notable Pixar producer behind Up, The Incredibles and Monsters, Inc.

I also interviewed Fitz & The Tantrums saxophonist James King before his show at the House of Blues.

Finally, I covered a Halloween Of Montreal show that was just bizarre… it involved bodysuits, lizard masks and a lick-happy luchador.

Freepin’ Hard: New Freep Stories!

A Volkswagen bus set up outside the MFA for the Hippie Chic College Welcome (photo by Falon Moran, Daily Free Press Contributor)

I had the opportunity to cover the very cool Hippie Chic college welcome at the MFA last Thursday, and my coverage ran today. Also, I interviewed some of my favorite foodies in the Boston: Irene Li, of Mei Mei Street Kitchen. I have been an Mei Mei addict since I first tried the illustrious Double Awesome (a scallion pancake with a poached-then-fried egg, pesto and sharp cheddar cheese, pressed like a panini I presume), and I have yet to be disappointed by a dish out of that truck. The folks at Mei Mei are opening a brick-and-mortar restaurant in South Campus, so I had the opportunity to write this story, as well. I’ve also done some mild blogging, including a discussion of the South African rap group Die Antwoord and a recipe for dorm-friendly peaches and ricotta.

Keep on freepin’ on!