News Track: The Recovery that Wasn’t (Vice News)

Story: The Recovery That Wasn’t – Two Years Since Hurricane Sandy

Source: Vice News


The latest featured short documentary by Vice News is similar to their traditional style: Self-aware amateur journalism. Vice doesn’t seem to want to be big-name news; they want to speak for the people as people.

Nonetheless, Vice’s coverage of the Hurricane reconstruction effort has moments of sparkling professionalism and moments of uncomfortable incompetence. For instance, the choice of subjects – a lovely balance of government officials and locals affected by the hurricane – was thoughtful and engrossing. The use of graphics was particularly noteworthy, illustrating the daunting number of those still waiting for assistance with disturbing accuracy.

However, certain moments feel “raw and uncut” to the point of appearing sophomoric. For instance, there’s crooked b-roll included in the shot, peaking audio and unnecessary stand-ups that could have easily been a voiceover.

Nonetheless, if you can get past the ironically showy realism, the material of the story itself is valuable and evocative.


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