News Track: Vice News Capsules

Vice News releases daily “news capsules,” short videos that summarize the headlines of the day. These News Capsules are arguably the strongest item on their site, simply because they stand out from other news summaries entirely.

Consider, for instance, the daily news summary on PBS’s The Newshour. Hari Srinivasan will talk for around five minutes about primarily US headlines, including a stock market update and POTUS check-in. Vice, on the other hand, knows their audience. Throughout the update, Vice uses b-roll from various other stories they’ve run within the four major regions they cover (demonstrated by a bar at the bottom of the screen, simply black and white to avoid any unnecessary distraction). They never run longer than 3 minutes, and each of the stories is visually appealing and often off the major news networks.

For instance, in the Oct. 22 News Capsule, we see the last moments of a Syrian woman being killed for adultery by the Islamic state, the crime scene after a fatal car crash in Canada, Israeli soldiers harassing a young disabled Palestinian boy and dead bodies after violence in Colombia. Most major news networks would avoid showing dead bodies on the air; Vice doesn’t flinch.

The video itself is very simple – take footage and do a voice-over over the whole thing. However, the information presented is raw, powerful and captivating, all delivered in under three minutes. In a world where no one has time to pay attention, Vice knows how to stand out.


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