I still love radio: freelance work for WTBU

This semester has been crazy, folks.

When I started this semester, I had such big plans. “Oh, Brooke, this is the semester you start working at WTBU! You’re going to move up the ladder at Simmer and start freelancing for local magazines!” Instead, I spend most of my time thinking about David Carr’s class (which is valid – his class is truly one of the most important I’ve ever taken), internship applications, column writing for Jon Klarfeld, my medium pieces, how freelancing even works (why isn’t there a class on THAT?), making money so I can stay here this summer (working 15 hours a week, serving delicious pizza to the masses – real talk, I do love my job at OTTO. Everyone there is really supportive and helpful, and the pizza is genuinely dope. Have you HAD their pulled pork and mango pizza? I’m not kidding, that stuff is magic), keeping the kitchen fairly clean so my roommates don’t murder me in my sleep and trying to maintain the positions I still have, thanks to my very understanding editors (Thaaaank you, Nisreen and Hannah!). I worked my first Yelp event of the year on Sunday, I have my first Simmer story of the year due Friday and I have my first real FreeP story of the year due Monday (look out for that one – I interviewed the director of Dear White People! He’s really incredible. The movie’s great. Go watch it on Friday). I can’t remember the last time I had more than five hours of sleep (I’m averaging 2-3). I can’t remember the last time I truly listened to a full radio broadcast (I multitask to radio constantly, but I don’t absorb much). But regardless, why brag about the fact you’re busy? Everyone’s busy. Mindy Kaling talked about that in her book. No one wants to be that guy. Plus, I hear this is what real life is like if you’re a journalist, so I guess I’m in training.

ANYWAY, I wanted to share my FIRST radio broadcast of the year. It took way too long, and I miss radio so so much. I was supposed to do a radio show with some of the folks with News Brunch this year, but a particular gentleman at WTBU accidentally scheduled us at the same time as a pre-existing show. SO, instead, I freelance. …Sometimes. When I have time.

In JO304 (Online Journalism), I was assigned an audio report, and I was actually really excited. It was a chance to do a radio thing again! I decided to follow in the gigantic footsteps of BU-alum Nina Totenberg and do a story on the new Supreme Court session, particularly a case involving free speech, death threats and social media (basically all I write about these days… cough cough #GamerGate). I thought I’d share it here. It aired on WTBU on Thursday, Oct. 9.

Because the embed seems to be a mess, here’s a link to my soundcloud.



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