Marty Walsh pulls a narrow win, Connolly gives “full support”

Marty Walsh pulls a narrow win, Connolly gives “full support”

By Brooke Jackson-Glidden

BOSTON — State representative Martin J. Walsh narrowly played the underdog Tuesday night when he beat City Councilor John Connolly in the Boston mayoral race by three percentage points, with 99 percent of precincts reporting.

At 10:15 p.m., Marty Walsh was elected with 51 percent of the vote, Connolly with 48 percent.

Walsh’s preached a narrative of inclusion after the serenade by the Dropkick Murphy’s at 10:45 p.m. Echoing the promises he made on the campaign trail, Walsh promised to improve conditions for all of Boston, including the working class and other marginalized groups.

“Stand by me because I’m ready to stand and work with you,” Walsh said in his victory speech.

Walsh also thanked his family, friends and the entire city of Boston, even those who voted against him in the election.

“We are one Boston,” Walsh said.

A very civil election overall, Walsh had only kind words for his opponent Connolly.

“John [Connolly] cares deeply about his people,” Walsh said. “I know he’ll continue to serve our city in many ways.”

Connolly, similarly, expressed no hard feelings toward Walsh, calling him a “good man” in his concession speech.

“[Walsh] wants to do good things for Boston, and he will do good things for Boston,” Connolly said. “He has my full support.”


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