Freepin’ Hard: New Freep Stories!

A Volkswagen bus set up outside the MFA for the Hippie Chic College Welcome (photo by Falon Moran, Daily Free Press Contributor)

I had the opportunity to cover the very cool Hippie Chic college welcome at the MFA last Thursday, and my coverage ran today. Also, I interviewed some of my favorite foodies in the Boston: Irene Li, of Mei Mei Street Kitchen. I have been an Mei Mei addict since I first tried the illustrious Double Awesome (a scallion pancake with a poached-then-fried egg, pesto and sharp cheddar cheese, pressed like a panini I presume), and I have yet to be disappointed by a dish out of that truck. The folks at Mei Mei are opening a brick-and-mortar restaurant in South Campus, so I had the opportunity to write this story, as well. I’ve also done some mild blogging, including a discussion of the South African rap group Die Antwoord and a recipe for dorm-friendly peaches and ricotta.

Keep on freepin’ on!


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