Oh, you should know what I look like!

I mean, I guess you don’t HAVE to know what I look like, but I don’t know… that feels so disconnected, don’t you think? I met Jen Che (of Tiny Urban Kitchen, in other words a total pro who knows much more about this blogging stuff than I do) and she told me giving people a face and a name is very important in the world of blogging, so BOOM: ETHOS. Also, this bad boy is looking pretty dull. I need some pictures. So here’s one!

That’s me. I’m drinking a Chai latte from Pavement, my favorite Boston coffee shop. I mean, I grew up in the land of Stumptown and Tazo, so Boston is a big qualifier. But… it was tasty, I suppose. I’m a big fan of hats, so that’s why I’m wearing one. Also, Boston’s effing cold, so there’s that as well.

Want another one? Of course you do!

My friend and boss Alex took that bad boy. Fun fact: that shirt I’m wearing I bought off of my friend Clem. She got it in Paris and I think I bought it for three dollars. I should stop taking advantage of my friends… Also, that necklace was a graduation gift from the closest thing I have to a sister, Megan. She said it made her think of a warrior princess, which is what I am. I guess. I’m gonna take it as a compliment, because obviously Xena was super cool and I should stop being so judgmental of compliments.


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